"I love you and want for you all things that make you happiest; and I guess you, not I, are the one who knows best what those things are."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Successes

Yay for Thursdays! It's so refreshing to take the time to look back on the past week and find some successes, no matter how small.


1. Many of the little things are coming together for John's upcoming birthday party. For example, I was able to buy all the ribs on sale and actually had the space in the freezer to 10 racks (although this was courtesy of a freezer door that was left open a few weeks ago resulting in both a mess and a much emptier freezer).

2. I've cooked both lunch and dinner every day since Monday. It's amazing how easy it is to fall into the habit of grabbing something out. Lunch is the toughest for me, because I always feel like I can get something while I'm running other errands.

3. My husband brought me flowers. OK--this is probably his small success. It was such a nice gesture after a particularly tense week last week. Oh - they're still alive....that's MY success.


  1. Good job! It's so wonderful to get flowers! Yeah for your Dh, and yeah for you for keeping them alive!

  2. I'm SO sorry I'm so late. I'm here, reading when I can - it has just been too hard for me lately. Thanks for taking the time to post this and inspiring us all! God Bless!