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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mom Can Do It!

It has been a busy week around here and Dad has been on the road for the 3rd week straight. So it's a lot like being a single parent....although the grandparents help out immensly. (Seriously, I am amazed by single parents - how do you all do it?)

So to honor all the little things that were accomplished this week Faith and Family Live is once again hosting Small Successes. These are mine...

1. I stuck to my guns at the pediatrician's office and insisted that we see a doctor, not just a nurse. Turns out that John DID have an ear infection---moms know best.

2. I went to my water aerobics class for the second week in a row. :) It feels good to get some exercise and I love that I can take John along and let him float in the waves we create. Now if I could just get to the gym more than once a week...

3. The odometer is hooked up to the stroller. After one didn't work I just about called it a wash. But I talked to the bike shop, they found one that worked for a stroller, and I got it set up and running yesterday. John and I took an afternoon walk to celebrate - 2.2 miles. I think I should get to count that as yesterday's trip to the gym.

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  1. You've inspired me to get back with my exercise routine :). Serious thank you!

  2. GREAT job!!! I need to work out too!