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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Small Successes....

It's that time again when us Moms take the time to look back on this week's small successes, because it reminds us that the small things can add up to one BIG triumph!

1. After spending 8 days in San Antonio visiting Matt's family and arriving home at 9:30pm last night...we are unpacked and caught up on laundry! (And it's only 9:27am!) It helped that I came home with only one load of laundry to do because I did a few loads at my in-laws house.

2. While in San Antonio this week, we managed to catch up with soooo many people that we don't see often enough. It was great spending time with mom and dad (a.k.a. grandma and granddad). But equally as exciting was getting morning coffee with John's great-grandparents, having Aunt Megan and Uncle Chris come down from Dallas with good friend Stephanie for the weekend, spending an evening with Sanguinetti's, Zera's, and Kiolbassa's, enjoying John's first-ever visit with his great Aunt Dana, two lunch outings with Lacey and newborn Anthony, and sharing fajitas at the house with great grandparents, Erra, Hunter, Mark, Kyle, Aunt Gloria and Uncle Jim. Seriously! We should go to Texas more often!

3. With all the activity and visitors, John's naps were short...if not non-existent. While one would think this would result in a baby that is so exhausted they sleep soundly all night, my son chooses to respond by waking up every few hours and refusing to go back to sleep (I guess he's afraid he'll miss something!) So with the multiple wake up calls and the hour long process of getting John back to sleep, I went against my better judgement and sacrificed my sleep quality to let my baby sleep between mom and dad and stick his feet up in my ribs.


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  1. Love this list!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you on doing the laundry. FlyLady would be proud! Can you do mine? :)