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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Good and The Bad

We've been adjusting John's sleep schedule recently. Over the past month he's been getting harder and harder to put down to sleep for his naps and at night (especially when he wakes up during the night!). So after some diligent online research, I read that most sleep problems in young toddlers result from the child being overtired. That being said, we moved up nap times, moved up bed time and adjusted our night time routine when he wakes up at night. By the end of the first day, we (and by we, I mean John) had mastered going to sleep without a bottle and without any holding, going to back to sleep on his own when he woke up at night, and went from sleeping 9 hours at night to sleeping 12! What an accomplishment!!!

Now for the not so great news...John's been running a fever of 102.5 all day long. He's physically roasting when you hold him, but he doesn't want to be put down much. Tonight when get came out of the bathtub his lips were purple and he was shivering from head to toe. Poor kid! Obviously, we've been dosing him with Tylenol all day and resorted to giving him a dose of Motrin right before bed. I have the distinct feeling we'll be calling the pediatrician tomorrow morning....

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