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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Keep Going and Going and…

Success (noun): a degree or measure of attaining a favorable or desired outcome
Definition adapted from Merriam-Webster.com

1.  On Tuesday we had the whole family up, fed, dressed and loaded in the car by 7:45AM heading to our polling place.  All this resulted in us being home by 8:15AM for Matt to start work on time at 8:30AM!  Yay Us!  And a second Yay Us! for exercising our privilege and civic responsibility.  Smile

2.  I mopped the kitchen floor.  I know, I know.  This probably shouldn’t warrant its own success.  But since I’ve been skipping it the last few weeks (followed by complaining because the kitchen floor needs!to!be!mopped!) I feel like it’s a success.  Granted, it took friends coming over for lunch to motivate me to do it.  Nonetheless – consider it done!

3.  I’ve continued to get into the gym at least periodically over the past few weeks.  I find that warm weather completely eliminates my motivation to work out.  One side says I’m not a runner or biker – so outdoor workouts aren’t really my thing.  On the flip side – who wants to be in the gym when the weather is so B.E.A.UTIFUL?  *sigh*  So getting to the gym when warm temperatures arrive is always a success for me.

4.  We’re working on our budget in an attempt to tuck a little extra money away between now and June.  If we manage to do it successfully (I think we can, I think we can) we’ll be enjoying a childless vacation mid-June.  Smile  And since we all know God works in mysterious ways – it looks like Matt’s company will be paying for his plane ticket!  (Which is really the only thing that makes this trip affordable)  More details once we are more certain things are going to work themselves out…

On the list of goals for next week include mailing shower invitations for my baby sister and trying to finalize the menu for said shower.  I’m a month out – so it’s a priority now!

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  1. Great job this week! I can honestly say that I've only mopped our kitchen floor a handful of times in the past few years. Casinodad takes care of it on Saturdays when I'm at work. He gets the munchkins to help, too.