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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doin’ It On My Own

This entry’s title is misleading.  I’ve only been ‘on my own’ since Sunday morning.  However, with all honesty, it seems much longer.  Not sure why it seems so long but it does this week.

Being that I feel like there is barely light at the end of the tunnel right now – it is super important for me to take a few minutes to find the successes of the week.  No matter how small they may be.

1.  After over a week out of the gym due to schedule conflicts and sick babies I spent Monday morning at the YMCA.  Surprisingly, my run(?) on the elliptical wasn’t all that bad.  I’m thinking that was God’s way of reminding me that getting derailed from my workout routine does not warrant giving up all together (which tends to be my philosophy).

2. Nathan woke up Wednesday morning with a fever.  (Derailed from the gym again!)  So we spent the vast majority of the day cuddled up on the couch watching movies.  Right before his fever would spike – he would crawl into my lap and say “I love you too mommy.” Which I think really translated into ‘mommy, please make me feel better.’  Poor little boy had practically no voice most the day and looked like he had been hit by a truck. 

3.  On Friday last week I had a great day!  Successes all around!  In the morning my MOMS Club hosted an open house to recruit new members.  I’m VERY  PROUD to say that we had 20+ potential members at the event.  That’s waaaay more than any other year I’ve been a member.  My efforts in advertising paid off! 

4.  Friday PM brought our fourth IEP meeting in four months. (Dear Lord!) The meeting went surprisingly well.  We’re finally getting John 60 minutes of 1-1 speech each week and he’s still going to get 1 hour of group speech therapy as well.  We compromised in that I have to take him to a special speech session once a week on Thursday mornings, but at least he’s getting the services. 

5.  I’ve enjoyed the time praying for my Lenten prayer buddy.  Having the commitment to another person really forces me to find the quiet in my day (or night).  It’s been great for me and hopefully will be fruitful for her as well.  I’m certain she doesn’t think anyone is praying for her at 3:30 AM when I’m laying in bed awake, but I’ve found that it brings a peace to my heart and head that helps me to drift back to sleep.  And since I’m a notorious “once I’m awake, I’m awake” person – this has been a blessing for me too!

Hope everyone had an equally successful week!  Make sure you share your successes over at Chocolate For Your Brain.  We love to watch our group grow!

I leave you with a picture that should melt any mommy’s heart…

John and Nathan on couch

Sometimes when you don’t feel well only your big brother can make it better.

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  1. OMGoodness...that picture is just too precious! I just love those moments when the kids take care of a sick sibling. I hope he's feeling better now.