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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Family Rocks!

Successes come in big and small packages throughout my week.  Sometimes they are directly my successes, sometimes they are the successes of others that I get to share.  This week it’s a little of both…

1.  With the help of Tot School I was able to create two lapbooks for John.  One focusing on feelings (something his therapists want him to work on) and another highlighting his favorite – tractors!  John loves them so much and has been playing with both every day.  Maybe what surprises me the most is how surprised the therapists are when they see the books.  I’ve gotten so many comments about how they’ve never seen a family take so much interest and initiative in their child’s development!  Really?!?!?  I feel like I can’t do enough…. 

2.  Now that Nathan is finally feeling better (see last weeks post for details) he is full on crawling now!  YAY!  He’s still faster on his belly using the army crawl – but for the most part he’s on all fours and touring the entire house.  We’re also catching him standing up in his crib after naps and in the morning.  I imagine it will be only a few days before he’s pulling up on everything and cruising the furniture.

3.  Thanks to my husband for helping out around the house and with some outings with the boys.  The house has remained relatively clean considering we didn’t really leave the house much in the past two weeks since Nathan was sick.  And then yesterday we made it to the library to pick up some books for John to take on our trip to TX next month and I grabbed a few teacher’s aids so I can make some copies of activities for our travel bags/boxes.  Smile  Now to finish up our travel activities bags/boxes and get the family packed and organized for our trip which will include a wedding and a first birthday party!

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  1. Tot school ROCKS! Be sure and check out Homeschool Creations (Jolanthe) and Confessions of a Homeschooler for more amazing free printables! I'm planning on taking a week in May to print and organize a bunch of things for my kids.

    Do you have a laminator??

  2. Dianna - I have a very "unofficial" laminator. It's called my mother! She's a teacher so when I really need something laminated she takes it to school and does it there for me. In return, I buy the next round of craft supplies for her classroom. :)

  3. Good luck with your trip! We love listening to audio books when we travel.

  4. Let me know what you put in the travel activity bags. We have a flight to Hawaii and a road trip to Colorado this summer!

    When will you be in Dallas? Would love to get "the Nathans" together again!