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Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing In Action

So as you may, or may not, have noticed - I've been missing in action here on the blog the past few weeks.  We've had quite an interesting couple of weeks here at the Garcia household.  Matt accepted a new job and will be starting on May 2nd for a company based locally.  This means he'll be getting up and heading to an office on the weekdays - BUT - he'll be home for dinner every.single.night!  This will be a big change from the massive amounts of travel he was doing with his previous company.  We're sad to see him move his office out of the basement but thrilled at the prospect of having Da-da home every evening to play with us.

Also of note is that Nathan-man has been under the weather recently.  After a few days with a fever we headed to the pediatrician to diagnose "a virus" - meaning...go home, give him Tylenol and fluids.  He'll be fine.  Fast forward 2 days later to see a 10 month old with a 105.3 fever even after both Tylenol and Motrin.  Of course this occured at 1AM so the doctor's exchange told us to head to Children's Hospital.  (Nathan's first trip! - he held out much longer than his brother)  After they ran just about evey test known to man short of a lumbar puncture - which they seriously considered! - they sent us home with a diagnosis of "a virus" and directions to return to the doctor if he was still running a fever 24 hours later.  Well, of course, Nathan woke up 24 hours later with a temp of 104, so we headed back to the doctor.  Final diagnosis ---- wait for it ---- mono!  My 10 month old has mono!  I didn't even know babies could get mono...  Recommendations: Tylenol, Motrin, rest and fluids.  Good news is he's starting to feel better.  The fever has gone down quite a bit, he's getting plenty of rest and recovery and is finally interested in eating again. 

I've been busy putting together some activities for the boys to sustain them on the long trek to TX next month for Chris and Steph's wedding.  We'll be spending a wonderful 12 hours driving over the course of 2 days so activities aplenty are needed.  (I'll be posting my travel ideas and activities in a future post.) 

 Last, but not least, John has been busy with art projects galore.  Here are a few of our favorites...
Foam Easter Eggs hanging on our window curtains

Butterflies made with clothespins, pipe cleaners and coffee filters

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  1. Oh the fun of not getting a diagnosis. Don't feel bad about him getting mono. At 27, six years after you're supposed to stop being able to get mono at age 21, I got it. I went in for a strept throat test and when that was negative, the doctor decided to do a mono-spot. He was as surprised as I was. Oh and I was pregnant too. Hope everyone is feeling better soon and congrats on your husband's job. Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge