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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pardon My Absence

It's been a LONG time since I've been on the blog!  Wow!  Over a month...the holidays do that to us.  But let's bring the world up to date on our accomplishments over this past month.

We spent Thanksgiving in San Antonio with Matt's family.  It was a busy couple days surrounding Thanksgiving this year.  We celebrating "baby" Lizzy's 9th birthday, Grandpa Warren's 89th birthday, Chris and Stephanie's engagement, Thanksgiving, and Nathan's Baptism!  Whew!!!

John had a blast spending time with his paternal grandparents and extended family.  In fact, he cried when we got in the car to go to dinner without "baby" Lizzy - even though she was meeting us at the restaurant!  He also cried when Grandpa left for work one morning.  John missed his friends!  And it was great for Nathan to get to meet so many of his family members for the first time.  Since not many people were able to come visit us after Nathan's birth this was his first introduction to both sets of his great-grandparents, all his great-aunts and uncles, and all his distant cousins.  We quizzed him on everyone's name after the trip but he wouldn't let on if he knew them or not....

Nathan's baptism was everything we expected!  Father Charlie continues to be a great friend to our family.  I honestly don't know what we would do without him.  The ceremony was great, his company was wonderful and we were excited that he agreed to perform Chris and Stephanie's wedding this upcoming May as well as Lizzy and Charles' wedding the following year.  And he should be coming to visit us in February!  He is such a blessing!

Christmas was wonderful this year!  John's at the perfect age.  The speed at which we were being asked to open and construct presents was overwhelming to say the least.  Santa brought him two 'big' toys this year....a kitchen and a workbench.  He thoroughly loves both and plays with them everyday.  Nathan had a equally 'big' first Christmas courtesy of his two sets of grandparents.  He received his big boy car seat and a giant bouncer that takes up a large chunk of space in our living room.

We were able to celebrate Christmas 5 times this year (Seka's, Rekowski's, at home, Grandparents Rekowski and The Hill).  I afraid John will think that Christmas lasts weeks on end and that every day you should get to wake up and open a new present!

Needless to say, we've been super busy around here!  Nathan had his 6 month check up and passed with flying colors.  He continues to be off the charts on height and a little on the chunky side for weight.  The doctor continues to tell us he can eat as much as he wants (which may result in me going back to work if we're going to be able to afford all his baby food!) and he's mastered Gerber puffs and Cheerios now.

Pictures of all of the above will follow soon - I promise!

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