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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doing It All

As the week has progressed I've found that my motivation to get things done has not really been there.  Toys have remained on the floor at night after the kids have gone to bed.  Washed clothes have remain in the laundry basket.  The couch has been covered in miscellaneous household items all week, leaving only enough room for me to nurse Nathan.  Frankly, Matt being gone so much the last few weeks is wearing on me.  By the time the boys crash for the night - all I want to do is become a vegetable in front of the TV.  While my successes are small...they are no less real this week.  Here's what we've accomplished:

1.  I did some of my first Christmas shopping this week!  I've placed one online order to Bronner's so I can check one Santa gift off Nathan's list and mark both of John's therapists as completed.  Plus, a trip to Walmart, Aldi, and Office Max yesterday generated 4 gifts for John.  One from Santa, one from Mom & Dad, one from the grandparents, and one from Aunt Megan (I picked up the grandparents one since I was there and we grabbed the one from Aunt Megan to save her the shipping costs from New York).

2.  I finally mailed Nathan's baptism announcements.  It's not like those who are invited don't know about it.  It's more of a formality at this point.  Last week I went to Hallmark looking for invites, but they were out of the only baptism invite they carry.  So I drove the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine to pick some up on Friday - but apparently they don't carry baptism announcements.  I find this extremely odd!  However, John enjoyed playing on the playground equipment so the trip wasn't a waste by any means.  Finally we commissioned Megan to design them for us...we didn't have the time to get them printed professionally, but we sent the JPEG to Walgreens and they look good!  Thanks Megs!

3.  I'm committed to getting the house cleaned today!  I think this should count as a success.  Mark my word - by the time my husband arrives home late tonight this place will be clean and possibly even decorated for Christmas (yes, I'm skipping Thanksgiving all together ---- we're going to be in San Antonio for the last 10 days of the month and since it's already the 11th that would only leave 8 days to enjoy the Thanksgiving decorations.)



  1. I know exactly how you feel. If I did not live in an apartment building infested with bugs I would have left the dishes alone last night. I don't think those are small successes but great achievements. I am not decorating for Thanksgiving this year because we are traveling to my parent's house (495 miles away). Good luck with your cleaning!

  2. I started my Christmas shopping recently too. I LOVE Amazon. Books and Melissa and Doug toys are our favorite gifts to give at this point in our lives.

    God bless!

  3. GREAT job! We've started talking about Christmas presents for the munchkins. I just can't believe how fast the time goes between Halloween & Christmas these days. Good luck cleaning today!

  4. Great list my friend! Loving #3. I hope you accomplished it and can spend the evening in peace and ordered cleanliness. Blessings and Grace...