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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Count It All

It's been one of those weeks!  A lack of sleep, lack of husband, and lack of activities planned has resulted in me having a lack of patience and certainly a lack of charitable thoughts towards my children.  Nathan has gone back to waking up every couple hours to nurse and John is still waking up at least once a night.  I'm staying up too late trying to do things around the house.  As a result, the longest stretch that my boys sleep (roughly 8pm to 1am) is only getting me about an hour of sleep. *sigh*

So I'm searching for the small successes this week...and searching is what it's taking.

1.  John started occupational therapy this week.  We had to adjust his naptime on Tuesday to accomodate it, but we're hopeful that we can move the appointment to a more appropriate time in the future.   Right now it was just important to get the OT started.  John did well!  He loved playing in Ms. Diane's tunnel and did stick his hand in some finger paint - although I think he was trying to wipe his find off on the paper as opposed to actually finger painting.  Ms. Diane also taught me a brushing technique to use with John up to every two hours.  I'm not sure I notice a difference in his behavior because of it, but I know he likes it...mostly because about every 3 hours or so he brings me the brush and brushes his own arm with it.

2.  A bunch of phone calls that were on my to-do lists are no longer on the list!  This includes Sam's Club, a doctor's office, a bank, and the repair shop.  Now I can pre-order my Sam's Club supplies, have the Rx I needed, got a copy of a loan application I filled out nearly 4 years ago, and have an appointment to get my car fixed.

3.  I suppose I'll count it as a succcess that I know my patience is thin and my attitude is not what it should be.  Maybe offering it up in prayer will help me make it through the end of the week with a better disposition?  Prayers on my behalf are graciously accepted as well...I need all the help I can get...


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  1. 1. Yay for John! 2. It is always good when you can get a bunch of phone calls made and know, "ah that's done". 3. Prayer will help! Excellent week!