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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check It Off The List

It has been a busy week around the Garcia household. Dad has been home all week which means a lot more gets done around the house, because I have a second set of hands in the evenings. 

1.  We've done (most of) John's occupational therapy homework.  We've played with the thera-putty even though John really, really dislikes the feel of it.  We've used the brush every evening (not every two waking hours).  I made some pudding finger paint that we played with as a family on Tuesday night for dessert.  We haven't been drawing with sidewalk chalk and we're not getting him all the sensory stimulation that he probably needs, but we're new to this - so the effort we're putting in should count for something.

2.  I spent an hour last night talking to a friend who I haven't kept up with the way I should.  He was a major piece of my support system in graduate school, a colleague during my summer internship, a shoulder to cry on numerous times, and my voice of reason the only time in my life I've been "hopping" mad.  We only talk every 6 or 8 months.  I'm guilty of letting his call go to voicemail because I'm tending to other things and then not calling him back.  Yet, he hasn't given up on me.  I always feel great after I get off the phone with him. Our lives have taken decidedly different paths since grad school.  He's working full time at a college with fraternity and sorority kids - I've gotten married, had two kids and stay at home.  Still we love chatting and hearing what each other is up to on a day to day basis. That's what friends are for...to make you feel better about yourself.  What a blessing!

3.  I haven't panicked, raced to the ER or called the doctors office despite the fact that my oldest was literally tripping over himself yesterday.  In the past 24 hours he has scraped up both his knees and both elbows on the sidewalk, fallen out of bed during his nap giving him a knot over his left eye that is turning black as I type, and slipped out of the shower crashing down on his head creating a half-dollar size black knot instantaneously.  Instead, I've kissed boo boos, iced with frozen vegetables, dabbed neosporin, and watched for dilated pupils. Then, for good measure - we tucked him into bed with a dose of tylenol.  We'll see what today brings.

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