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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Things in Preparation for Little Ones

Every week Danielle Bean over at Faith and Family Live! encourages us to share our small successes with the world. Mostly because it's the small successes that add up to a big triumph in the lives of mothers.....

So this edition of small successes is dedicated to the little things done in preparation for a new little one! The nesting has kicked in, cleaning hormones are in full swing, and I think we could bring the baby home today if we needed to (although I could always find a few more things to get done before little one arrives).

1. Infant car seat in installed. It should be noted that this is more Matt's success than mine, but I think I should get credit for nagging him about it until it got done!

2. John's baby clothes (from newborn to 9 months) are washed, folded, and sorted. They are either in bins with appropriate labels or dresser drawers. Now, the usefulness of this goes up ten-fold if we have a boy. Although by doing this I also realized that even a boy will pose some complications as John was born in October and this one will be born in June so our seasons won't match up very well.

3. Hospital bags are finally packed. One for me and Matt. One for John to take to his grandparents. This really became a priority when the midwife informed me that she was going to try to stimulate labor this week. She wanted to do it last week - but Matt was out of town for the weekend and I informed her we were not anywhere close to ready at home. We'll see if we get any results by next week!

Bonus 4. A couple more freezer meals have made it into the freezer. Quick and easy is the goal for after the arrival of the baby!

Make sure to check out other's successes over at Faith and Family Live! There are some incredibly inspiring women over there!


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