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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Since the move to our new house this blog has been greatly neglected. We have been diligently cleaning, unpacking, rearranging, and generally trying to set up before this little bundle of joy arrives. In the past few weeks I've been mopping, washing clothes that have been in a storage unit for over a year, restocking our medicine cabinet and trying to find homes for so many of the miscellaneous items that reside in one's home. We're getting there.

John has done remarkably well with the move - although he still loves being over at grandma and grandpa Rekowski's house. We visit often - they babysit lots (especially now that grandma is out of school for the summer). John made the transition to a toddler day bed when we moved and is loving it! He's got decorations up on his walls, toys galore, and enough books to start running his own children's library out of his bedroom.

Matt has set up his office in the basement in an attempt to find some peace and quiet from a growing family. Aside from laundry there isn't much reason for the rest of us to be in the basement. So as long as he doesn't mind hearing footsteps above his head - we're happy to let him get some work done without a toddler trying to crawl in his lap every 20 -30 minutes.

I've recently set up shop in the kitchen - call it my nesting instincts. We've got the freezer overflowing with foods that are just waiting to be tossed in the oven after the baby arrives. (I'll try to post some of our recipes/meals in a future post.) Yet, I keep finding/thinking of more recipes that I should make and store for the future. I think this is because I was spoiled with John. I had a few things in the freezer, but I had my mom at the house for a week and my mother-in-law for 3 weeks. Let's just say I didn't worry much about cooking for the first month of John's life.

We're getting there! That's the point. If baby came today, we'd be fine. Enough clothes are washed and baby items relocated that we could bring the little one home with little to no problems. Yet, as I sit here typing....I can come up with a LONG list of things that still 'need' to get done. Oh well! This is the life of a stay-at-home-mom: the chores never end......

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