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Monday, March 1, 2010

Day By Day

Each day with John has brought new adventures for our family. We love watching him grow and learn as every day passes. It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago he was born not breathing. And if you looked at him today, you would never believe me when I told you that he has been the recipient of 9 blood transfusions. Instead, all you'll see is a little boy who is outgrowing shoes left and right, running around the house, crawling up onto every chair he can find, and scarfing down more chicken nuggets at any one meal than his pregnant mom! What a difference a year makes!

We're still working on some things...
John is still behind on the speech realm, but we're hopeful that getting ear tubes and speech therapy will get us going.
He is really shy around other kids (with the exception of his two 'girlfriends', Maeve and Gwen) so we're trying to get him involved in some activities where he is required to interact with other kids.
John's immune system seems to be on the fritz most of the time with ear infections, sinus infections, and belly problems. We're hopeful that tubes help with the first two. After all the gut problems of the last two weeks - we're scheduled for an ultrasound of his GI tract to look for any more abnormalities. Right now we know he has enlarged bowels, gas in his tract, and potentially calcification in his intestines. We'll know more as we progress.

We haven't been great about picture taking these past few months, but we're trying to get back to snapping "every day" shots. Look for them in the near future - you won't believe his growth!

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  1. What a blessing he is!! And a true miracle!!! I need to go back and read up more on his story - did ya'll know anything before he was born to prepare the birth room, or was this all new territory? We're expecting our boy in May and even with faith, sometimes you wonder what you can prepare for - but then, God has us all in the palm of His hand, and His plan!! Ya'll are amazing, and he is such a precious baby!