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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blocked Bowels or Gastroenteritis?

You're guess is as good as ours!

We spent Friday night at Children's Hospital getting John additional fluids and having xrays of his guts taken. The radiologist at Anderson Hospital sent us to Children's when he found enlarged loops in his small and large bowels. After several more xrays, radiology reports, a GI specialist and two floor physicians - we decided against having John's insides scoped for blockages.

John is definitely still moving stuff through his gut - trust us - we've changed more diapers than a daycare this week. To scope him, they'd have to sedate him, which we weren't too keen on. And the doctors seem to think that the bowels are most likely inflamed from stomach acid and the like, not an actual obstruction in his pathway.

So we came home with directions to return to the hospital with signs of dehydration, bloody stools, or high fever. In the mean time, we're to head to the pediatrician on Monday if the diarrhea hasn't cleared itself up. As of this morning - they better save an appointment for us, cause there doesn't seem to be an end in site yet.

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