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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Successes Always Count

Life is just never static - I posted that on another site earlier this week. It just seems that things around here are in a constant state of flux....I think I like it that way. But it can make me nervous none-the-less. So to take my mind off the busy-ness of the week, I'm posting my successes (no matter how small).


1. We enjoyed having John's great-grandma over on Monday. She loves seeing John and never stops talking about how sweet his disposition is...or so I'm told. My uncles all claim that's all she talks about for a whole week after we take the time to visit. :) I just have a great baby. God blessed me (or he's tricking us into having more....)

2. We talked to Bruce and worked out the details for him to be our general contractor. More on this later (hopefully).

3. I took the time to make all the phone calls I needed to make. You know, the ones that get pushed off every week. I scheduled doctors appointments, car repairs, talked to our insurance agent about a random fee increase, returned the calls of some friends and more. It's nice to have them off the list!

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