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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Successes - First Birthday Edition

Danielle Bean tells us that it's important to celebrate the small successes in life, because they can add up to ONE big triumph! With that in mind, these are the small successes around our home this week - First Birthday Edition...

1. We picked everyone up and dropped everyone off at the airport on time over the last week. This is quite an accomplishment considering that on Sunday we dropped off 6 people at the East terminal (one of whom we picked up only minutes before at the Main terminal) at 3 different times for 4 different flights.

2. John's birthday party was a success! We hosted 30 people and served ribs, corn on the cob, homemade mac n' cheese, bacon-wrapped chicken, baked beans, 2 salads, Italian bread, birthday cake, and ice cream. John got more toys than he could have ever imagined and has spent the rest of the week running from toy to toy to toy. Current favorites (for this week) seem to be the singing/dancing toolbox, Flicker the flashlight and the helicopter with ball that drop into the blades....however, I don't think any toy has been ignored yet.....

3. John's 12 month check-up is completed! He's in the 90% for height, 70% for weight. He's more mobile than verbal (according to the doctors magic chart) which predisposes him to temper tantrums they tell us. We're suppose to give up the bottle cold-turkey now and let him feed himself. But the point is---we have a clean bill of health and we made it to the appointment on time.

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  1. Congratulations! Hosting a party is no small feat. Sounds like everything went great! Happy Birthday John!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on the happy, healthy 1 yr old. BTW not to contradict your care provider but in my experience slower transitions (for example~giving up the bottle) works better for little people who can't yet read a calendar.