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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vacation 2013

We're on limited travel this summer with Charlie due to make his arrival in August.  We weren't planning anything big this year anyway, so it wasn't really a deal breaker.  So this past weekend we took the 4 hour drive to Branson and enjoyed some quality family time.

We managed to fit in dinner at the Dixie Stampede, a day at Silver Dollar City, a round of mini golf, a trip on the Ducks, some shopping, an evening with the go-karts and bumper boats and and early morning ride on the scenic railroad.  Oh yeah, and plenty of swimming in the hotel pool!

Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, but nice to get away from it all.  We actually might even use the word "relaxed" in a description of what we did.  And it's been a long month or two since anyone in our family has actually used that term in any fashion other than ordering another family member to do it.  :)

So - here's a small glimpse into our last family vacation as a family of 4....
John and Mom on the Ducks

Both Boys Got To Drive The Duck In The Water

Driving Their Own Go Karts

Right Before Boarding The Scenic Railroad

Family Shot On The Top Deck Of The Scenic Railroad

We still have one more trip planned.  We're off to Lake Geneva in a few weeks for our annual Rekowski family outing.  The boys have been talking about it since last summer when we got home.  We're grateful that the doctors have tentatively cleared me for this trip as well.  To date the only restrictions are that I must take a copy of my medical charts and Charlie's clinical notes with us in case he would decide to make an early appearance.  It's a little longer drive at close to 6 hours, but very close to Chicago - so if something happened we'd head straight to Chicago, but let's pray that won't even be an issue.....

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