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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'll Never Get It All Done

We've been super busy these past few weeks.  We were happily surprised when Matt's sister and her husband announced they were coming to visit for 4 days from New York City.  We managed to fit our small family vacation in last week.  Then this past weekend we played host to Matt and my mutual college best friend.  Over these three weeks we've had days where we ran like crazy trying to fit in all the attractions in either STL or Branson.  Other days we lounged around, chatted, drank coffee and enjoyed our company.  Either way - there has been little accomplished in the order of housework or baby prep.

We seem to have an ever growing to-do list floating around our house.  Some of the things are your standard "never done" items: laundry, mowing grass, cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floors.  However, some of the items are things that aren't normally on our list: buy a dresser before baby arrives, buy and plant our flowers, finish decorating the nursery, wrap up the playroom revamp, potty train Nathan....

I'm trying to figure out how all these things will get accomplished between now and August.  I know that the basics will get done and we'll continue to survive if the grass doesn't get cut one week.  If flowers never went in the beds this year - life would go on.  But still, it does make me wonder how we'll get it all done!  I imagine life with three kiddos is no slower or any easier - is there any chance I'll ever catch up on my to-do list?  Or will I feel constantly behind for the remainder of my life?

Please, someone, tell me there is light at the end of this tunnel!!!!

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