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Friday, May 8, 2009

Even Superman Needs A Teddy Bear

Yesterday we noticed John was running a fever of 102 (in typical John fashion he was in a pleasant mood, playing, giggling and cooing, but he was physically roasting so we took his temperature). We took him to the pediatrician who said that there is a virus going around and to watch his temp, give him tylenol, and encourage as much liquid consumption as possible. No problem!

However, we woke up this morning to a baby who's temperature had spiked to 104. After we got it down to 102, called the pediatrician, and got him a bottle of pedialyte, we talked to Heme/Onc at Children's Hospital. Dr. Bednarski was worried his blood counts would drop with such a high fever and strong virus. Needless to say, we packed up John and headed to Children's ER where they ran several blood tests and did a urinalysis. Luckily, Heme/Onc had called the ER and told them we were coming so when we got there we were rushed right into a room.

It seemed to take forever for the labs to be drawn and the results to come back...so we took a couple laps around the ER in a wagon (Children's uses padded Radio Flyer wagons to transport little ones instead of wheelchairs like they use for the older kids...frankly, it's quite cute and since John wasn't feeling particularly bad he really enjoyed it). And while we were out on our tour of the ER one of the nurses gave John a teddy bear to play with! Good trip!

Garcia Are Tough! The blood work came back fine. (A little lower than last week, but nothing to worry about). He's lost about 1lb since last week but that didn't bother the doctor because John was well-hydrated and still had good color in his lips and cheeks. After 5 hours at the ER and a number of doctors, nurses, needles and catheters, John was discharged with instructions for tylenol and benedryl. Not bad!

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