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Friday, May 1, 2009

Blood Work Results

Children's Hospital Heme/Onc called this morning with good news! John's hemeglobin is going up for a change! His count is at 12.5 (well within the normal range now) and his hematacrit, which measures how well he's producing red blood cells, is at 35.1 which in on the low side of normal. The folic acid seems to be helping. We've been transfusion free since February 6th which seems like forever when we started this doing transfusions every 9 days.

John heads back to the clinic the first week of June for his 3rd appointment with Dr. Bednarski. If he holds out on needing blood until then we're hopeful that we can send more of his blood off to the Mayo Clinic again for testing. In the meantime, it seems like STL is doing us well and John is on his way to a full recovery!

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