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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Going Strong

The process for moving the playroom downstairs is moving forward.  It’s a slow (and tedious) process, but we’re trekking along. Most of the successes of the past week seem to be based in this task, so here they are…

1.  Finally called the electrician to get power dropped on the far side of the basement.  We also need a few other little electrical things done so hopefully we can officially check those off the list soon. 

2.  Having spent so much time in the basement recently has prompted me to get way more laundry done than before.  I figure if I’m down in the basement I might as well throw a load in.  Low and behold, there was actually one day when all the laundry was done!  I’ve even gotten some of our spare pillows washed.  Yay! Maybe this will be one of those long-term perks of having the playroom in the basement.

3.  We’ve continued to purge toys.  Seriously – how many remote control trucks do two boys need?!?!?!  I’m shocked at how many toys we have acquired in just 4.5 years.  Granted, we’re not great about parting with outgrown toys (because thus far there has always been another child on the way), but I am committed to NOT having 12 of everything in this house!! 

4.  Spent one day making tons of phone calls.  I don’t know how the list of people to call grows on me – but it sure does.  Nonetheless, we now have a free family portrait session, ENT appointment, hearing test, and dermatologist appointment all scheduled. Now, we just need to actually make it to those appointments…..

5.  Bills are paid for the month.  It’s always nice when that is checked off the list.  And since I got everything paid and all the books balanced…I caught an accounting issue.  Good news – it’s in our favor!  Matt’s boss forgot to forward his January expense report to the main office for reimbursement.  So this month we’ll be getting an extra reimbursement check (for a pretty hefty chunk of money!).  We’ll be able to tuck some of that $$$ into our savings for our upcoming vacation in May! 

Bottom line – productive week!  Keep on going, keep on going, keep on going…. 

Maybe if I keep plugging away – we’ll be organized enough to have a new baby in August!

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