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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hold My Hand, Brother!

Everyone told me that having kids close together allows for the children to be great friends.  Growing up together, possibly playing on the same sports teams, attending the same schools, and so on and so forth.  I truly believe this!  My boys play side-by-side all the time (occasionally playing together).  I enjoy watching them be playmates.

Perhaps the best part of mommy-hood is when those little “melt your heart” moments pop up throughout a given day or week.  Let me share some that are currently popping up on a regular basis in our house.

Hold My Hand, Brother!

When my boys are forced to do something they find unpleasant they yell, “hold my hand, brother!”  For John, these unpleasant moments currently include trimming his toenails and cleaning of wounds.  Nathan, on the other hand, finds dirty diaper changes and chiropractic visits cause for calling for his brother.  Bottom line – what mommy would melt when they hear their little one call out through sobs, “hold my hand, brother!”

I Need Kisses!

When the school bus pulls into the neighborhood four days a week, Nathan shouts to John, “I need kisses!”  And four days a week, John gleefully fulfills his little brother’s request.  With his backpack on, John runs over and plants two or three kisses on Nathan’s cheek or forehead.  Then as John turns to head down the driveway Nathan inevitably requests “more kisses, brother!”  *sigh*  John always turns around a provides one last smothering of love before offering mommy his kisses and hopping on the bus. 

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