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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Success! Can’t Beat That!

It’s Small Successes Thursday – and I’m excited to share some successes from the past few weeks (I’ve been missing on the blogging scene recently).

1. John has started school.  It’s not been an easy process, but we’re navigating the process of dealing with special education and IEPs.  It’s been great to watch him blossom the last few weeks in school though.  He now eagerly runs towards the bus when it pulls up (sometimes, forgetting to kiss mommy Sad smile)…and jumps right on.  His teacher is claiming that he’s talking more and more too!  Another highlight of these 2.5 hours Monday through Thursday is that it’s giving me some 1-1 time with Nathan!  We’ve enjoyed being able to read books he (not brother) likes, ride on the toy tractor, and play in the kitchen.  I’m loving it!

2.  I washed the curtains in the living room.  It shouldn’t be that big of an accomplishment, but I hate the process of taking them down and putting them back up.  I’m sure the curtains hadn’t been washed since the 70’s when they were probably hung up originally and I’ve been talking about washing them since we moved into this house over a year ago.  BUT – it’s done, I feel better, and the room smells fresher!

3.  When last night’s plans got derailed because Matt’s car decided to just stop on the side of the road 5 minutes from his office….I handled the night with a surprising amount of grace.  I managed to get to the pharmacy before it closed to pick up Matt’s Rx and got the boys to the Halloween party at school on time.  Granted, we would have loved for Daddy to be with us, but he patiently waited for a tow truck to tow the car home.  Then we picked him up, took him to a lovely dinner at McD’s and a trip to the grocery store.  Now – the car has started and run no less than 5 times in the past 24 hours – so we’re now stuck trying to figure out what to do.  Matt’s car is waaay past it’s prime, begging the question of whether it’s more financially responsible to trade it in and call it a wash – or pump some money into it in hopes that it can hang on just a little longer.  I’m thinking I’m about to get a mini-van…..hmmmm….am I mentally ready for that?

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