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Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's The Little Things....Right?

So this week has been a week...that pretty much sums it up. That having been said, it's probably important for me to think about the small successes that have accumulated over the week - no matter how small.

1. Despite having a 15 month old who has woken up at least twice every night this week and will only go back to sleep if he is sharing a pillow with his mommy - I haven't resorted to testing shaken baby syndrome (although I can see what drives parents to it!) Instead, I've cuddled, soothed, fed, and hugged a wiggly, squirmy, twisting, turning sack of 27 lbs who has limbs that have a knack for finding his sibling's place in my belly. Which, coincidentally, results in me being kicked from both the outside and inside....sleep isn't going well this week.

2. I loved Mr. Potato Head as a child. However, it's not nearly as entertaining as an adult. Probably because John can't open the flap where the accesories are stored so I end up doing it about 9000 time a day, he can only put pieces in the holes because he isn't strong enough to pull them out most of the time, and I'm constantly locating teeth, ears, and eyes all around the house. Even with all this - I haven't hidden the toy in the special toy box under his crib that he never plays in - I've left it in the living room in his favorite spot. Extra mommy points are deserved for this!

3. Even with sleepy eyes, this mommy has enjoyed the last few minutes of my son dancing to the songs on Playhouse Disney. He is quite adorable. :)

Check out other mom's successes (probably bigger than mine this week) or share your own over at Faith and Family Live!


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