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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heme/Onc Update!

Great news! Dr. Bednarski released John indefinitely from the Heme/Onc clinic at Children's Hospital. We still don't have a full diagnosis but the working diagnosis (which will probably never be confirmed) is that at birth I passed antibodies to John. For whatever reason John's body was trying to fight off the antibodies and that was causing the problems. It's also a result of John recieving antibodies through my breastmilk (explaining why things seem to get better now that we have stopped breastfeeding). No real concerns for future pregnancies other than the need to make sure that the doctors are aware of John's conditions and monitor any other child's hemoglobin very closely for the first couple months of life. I'll also probably end up having amniocentisis for future preganancies so that we can determine if my antibodies will mesh with the babies.

Nonetheless, it's great to feel like we're past all this. We're excited to quit having blood drawn and looking forward to not having to wrestle John to get medicine in his mouth.

We celebrated with a joint victory/Father's Day/Matt's birthday gift last night.

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