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Friday, April 17, 2009

Snotty Little Boy

After our Easter week jaunt to San Antonio little man came home with a runny, stuffy nose and a nasty cough. He held on for about a week, but when his lungs were literally rattling in my hands while I was holding him, we decided to head to the doctor. So after the doc listened to his chest and looked down his throat...she announced...I think you just have a "snotty, little boy." Aaahh, the relief! However, then she took one look in his right ear and gave us a prescription for an ear infection. Darn!

Now, one would think that this is the end of the story. Ten days worth of meds, recheck in 2 weeks, no big deal. But I've always said that John does things his way and this is no different. More of the first dose of medicine was on his face and clothes than in his mouth and resulted in a screaming, crying, mad, gagging on snot, upset son. Yay! Dose 2 came right beefore bedtime. Grandma held him (assistance for this sport is needed) and I attempted to hit the moving target which was John's mouth. Repeat the screaming, crying, mad, gagging on snot, upset baby....add vomitting everything he ate for dinner and all the snot he had sucked down for the past week all over Grandma, Mom, baby, couch, floor, and bathtub! Time for bath #2 of the evening.

After the cleaning frenzy that ensued I decided to let him rest a little in the den before trying to give him anything to put on his stomach---but when the wailing got uncontrollable (and fearing more snot induced vomitting) I gave in and made him 4 oz of formula. Exactly 4 oz later, I had a vomitting baby all over again! This time he hit the bouncer, Mom, baby, floor and bathtub. Time for bath #3, the third set of jammies, and me to break down!

But alas, he finally went down to sleep shortly there after. A 1 am wake up call required an unprecedented 6 oz of formula in the middle of the night (the whole time in which I silently prayed that I'd never see that formula again) but the little man made it through the rest of the night.

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