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Friday, December 19, 2008

Brenner Children's Hospital

Another 100mL of blood transfusions (2 50mL transfusions) over the last two days. It's hard to believe that the last transfusions only lasted 9 days. We are starting to learn clues and signs that he's feeling lousy. He becomes a lazy nurser, turns very pale, and sleeps much more than normal. Nonetheless, this is so frustrating! We went to the pediatrician yesterday for a follow up because he's having trouble putting on weight because of all the blood issues and the lousy nursing. We met with a PA who checked his bloodwork, called his pediatrician, called the heme/onc clinic and then came in and told me that Dr. McLean wanted to talk to me. Seriously...at least have the nerve to tell me that I need to head back to the clinic for a transfusion....CHICKEN! He's having his heel poked every other day for bloodwork and watching the nursing staff get the IV started will break your heart. This has got to stop!

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